Multi Color  Garlands

Multi Color Garlands

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Multi Color Garlands

We Are Exporting Colorful Garlands At Various Color Combinations.Garlands Have An Important And Traditional Role In Every Festival, The Gods Are Decorated With Garlands Made From Different Fragrant Flowers  And Leaves. Both Fragrant And Non-Fragrant Flowers And Religiously-Significant Leaves Are Used To Make Garlands To Worship Hindu Deities. Jasmine, Champaka, Lotus, Lilies, Ashoka, Nerium/Oleander, Chrysanthemum, Roses, Hibiscus, Pinwheel Flowers, Manoranjini  Are Some Flowers Used To Make Garlands.

In Wedding The Couple Wears A Wedding Garland. In Other Occasions, It Is Used To Show Respect To An Individual Person Or Statue .

Depending Upon The Pattern And Materials Used The South Indian Garlands Are Of Different Types. Some Of Them Are As Follows:
  • Thodutha Maalai - Which Means Garland Made Using Fiber (Usually Banana Tree Fibers (Vaazhainaar)) Is Used. Most Of The Garlands Used For Marriage, Gods Are Made Using This Method. It Ranges In Length From 1 1/2 Feet To 12 Feet And Has A Thickness From 5-6 Cms To 3/4 Feet In Diameter. In All Hindu Marriages The Bride And Bridegroom Exchange Garlands Three Times.
  • Kortha Maalai - Made Using Needle & Thread. Jasmine, Mullai, And Lotus Garlands Are Made Using This Method.